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Considering today’s educational scenario, the bulk of Indian population is having its basic education in primary and secondary schools. We believe in better foundation, better education, better career. Hence, providing here with best schooling with most sophisticated, discipline, infrastructure and management, knowledge and technology.

The institution assure you all the grand success in grass-roof education as well as to build up the required and necessary career for the development of the society and ultimately for the nation. Education is an integral part of our mission. For us, education is essentially a service and a means of liberation from ignorance and illiteracy. Our aim is the integral formation of the students towards developing their innate potentialities and helping them to grow in consciousness and self confidence. We also take keen interest to inculcate in them the sense of social rights and responsibilities. Education serves also as an effective tool for the development of the nation.Read More

Our vision

Our vision is to maintain the leading position nationally and become one of the leading global providers of profession-oriented educational programmes and knowledge.

Transport Facility

The school provides Bus facility on certain routes ; details in this regard can be obtained from the school office.The responsibility of bringing the child to the designated bus stop and receiving from there.

Maths Lab.

To enhanced the mathematical operations and Calculations school established a well Maths lab providing a lot of mathematical equipments and tools with math kits. Students learn and fun all Maths operations in Maths.

Science Lab

School has built up a good, and functional science laboratory, through this students perform their content based activity and doing lower classes practicles for improving their scientific view and knowledge.

Social Studies

School Provided the well atmosphere regarding the all context of social studies knowledge ,teachers provided furnish hand made models of volcano ,rocks available in surrounding ,

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Chairman's Massage

Dear Prospective Parents/Guardians,

We are delighted that you are considering the Buldana Cambridge School for you ward’s future. This institution has honed and fine-turned a learning and life-skilling system that has been envied and benchmarked across the region.

From the moment he/she enters the school gates, a child gets to realize who he/she is and where his/her potential lies. Irrespective of his/her background or caliber, he/she groomed and nurtured in a way that he can stride into the adult world, confidently, responsibly and independently.


Yet, in today’s world no institution of repute and quality can afford to sit on its laurels. So, a decisive shift is being engineered that will help best school gain a global reputation, and go where no school has ever gone.


In the next coming years, therefore, the focus will to be in academic excellence. This will help students get into the finest higher education institutions. Initiatives are also being put in place that will allow students to fit into a rapidly changing adult world.


As our potential parent partners, we forward to your support on this. Should  you require any financial clarification or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the school in advance of your word’s arrival to futher understand   how the school can assist you in this matter.

With all good wishes,

Dhiraj Rambhau Lingade


BCS Values

Providing students advanced basic educational wings and achiever a great aim in foundation education.  Believes in the principles of  interdependence and enlightened entrepreneurship. Quality,  standards and service in education.


Unique Features

-           Lush Green Campus – Stunningly beautiful & climate sensitive building surrounded by nature.

-           Excellent and most sophisticated Labs. Well equipped and scientifically designed.

-           Library and Reading Hall as a soul and sour of knowledge.

-           Sports, Games Music, Dance, Arts and Crafts. – Highly experienced & qualified teaching staff as    per CBSC.           

-           Computer lab.  –English lab.  –Science lab.  -100% syllabus coverage. –Teacher guardian scheme.

-           Remedial classes for academically weaker students.  – personal counseling.

-           Smart Classes for better and correct understanding.  –Workshops by experts in core academic areas in various subjects.

-           A huge assembly hall.  – Open  - air amphitheater.

Shri. Dhiraj Rambhau Lingade